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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Delay of the Voting Rights Act

Hmmm. It seems the good ole boys are up to their old tricks: "President Bush called for renewing the Voting Rights Act in December and reiterated that stance three weeks ago, calling the act "a very important part of the civil rights legislation. Everybody ought to be encouraged to vote." Yeah, right George Dubbya. Like they were in 2000 and 2004?


  • In someways, I can understand their concerns. Just because, say Virginia, has denied blacks access to voting in the past, that does not mean that they 'specifically' should always be targeted for scrutiny. I would say that all states should be have to reach a level of similar scrutiny, because let be realistic. Under the current law, Florida was not one of the states which has mandatory reporting requirement under the Voting Rights Act, but due to hanging chads, and voter access, maybe they should have in 2000 AND 2004???

    While Southern GOP representatives are the one who are delaying the renewal of the Act, this is something which could potentially affect every state. What we have to ask is: what are the costs, the benefits if the measures is passed as is. What if the Act is amended? How does this benefit black Americans, as well as the rest of the country? I seriously doubt in these times, people would support anything which benefits blacks that does not benefit other minorities as well.

    Unfortunately, American society looks at blacks as if we have squandered everything that the rest of society has "done" for us. When in reality, these programs, which were supposed to assist blacks rise above centuries of past prejudices/inequalities rendered by the larger American society, have largely enriched the pockets of numerous corporations & charities with no REAL acceptance of blacks in America.
    As long as blacks are seen as black Americans, not just Americans, then the need for the Voting Rights Act will exist.

    just my .02 cents

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, June 23, 2006 8:45:00 AM  

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