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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Big Government

I just read an interesting article that pretty much carried my sentiments. In this whole housing bubble/sub-prime mortgage debacle I was wondering about something. People are going to get bailed out by the government. Now, in my mind, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. And, I don't begrudge people getting help. I am, however, annoyed that people and entities who should have known better are getting a bailout as well; i.e., financial institutions and lenders. All they and their officers should be getting is a jail sentence. I also wonder about some of those people in the crowd of home owners who also erred; partly out of ignorance and partly out of greed. I wonder if any of them had a dislike for public assistance and "Big Government". You know the type. The ones that decried federal regulations, Social Security, national health care and public assistance. If you're in this camp, my questions to you are, do you still want a smaller government? Do you still want less regulation? Do you still think the government should be run more like a business?


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