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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Now I've Seen Everything

Please give me your unabashed opinion here. Am I just a old fart behind the times or is this a problem? Would any parent worth their salt allow their 12-year old son to cavort with strippers? I mean, come on now people. I can't be this conservative can I? Here we have photos of P. Diddy's son, Justin, as he's given a lap dance at his birthday party.

Ok, now, is this how you want your son to view women? What about his mother and sisters? How will the difference line be drawn? It's plain to say that P. Diddy is a complete unabashed idiot! His quotes in a recent Essence article proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. What peeves me is that the magazine (otherwise known as a rag) equated this dolt's relationship with his girlfriend as "black love". Excuse me? Let me get this straight. You have several children by this woman. You don't want to marry her because you haven't figured out "how to be a boyfriend" yet and this is some how the standard of love in the Black community? Perhaps it is the Hip Hop world of absurdity. But, in the realm of reality, such relationships, where there's little commitment, are destructive. Hip Hop is a cancer. And, this stupidity just proves my point.


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