Bob's Marbles

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Corner Turned

I knew it was coming sooner or later. But, couldn't it have happened later? I regularly give my daughter, Aja, her evening bath. It's usually a fun filled time: bath toys, story books and puppet shows followed by an actual bath. Well tonight there were toys and me as the puppet master. But, the bath? "Could Mommy do it?", she asks. I was aghast! But, remaining calm I tried to get to the crux of this sudden change of heart. "Do you want your privacy? Would you rather Mommy bathed you?", I asked. "Yes Daddy", she answered. "But, you can still do puppet." Well, it looks like things are beginning to change. Exciting on the one hand, yet, sad on the other.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Crazy World

Needless to say, the old adage, this world's "going to hell in a hand basket" is an understatement. We now have footage, albeit, not very clear, of Sadaam Hussein's execution! What's frightening to me the most is that I actually went out looking for this!! Calm down now, calm down. I'm not a death penalty advocate by any means. It was merely the curious side of me that wanted to see if they would actually execute him. I thought it'd be years before he got the noose or perhaps there'd be a last minute entreaty from some country willing to let him live out his days in the usual opulent splendor only afforded by ousted dictators after pillaging and raping their homelands. How often have we seen this? Well, I was so wrong! He was dangled from a rope in short order. Not that, Sadaam didn't get what was coming to him. But, it's just another bit of injustice that there are people right here on American soil that have, and continue to, profit from Sadaam's escapades into debauchery (Halliburton said real fast). You know who you are and you should be dangling in the breeze right along side Sadaam!